Hotel DeBrett
Kitchen Restaurant

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Hotel DeBrett

Auckland Luxury Hotel

2 High St, Auckland, New Zealand

t  +64 9 925 9000


hotel history

Built in 1841 as The Commercial Hotel, this was one of Auckland’s first hotels. It operated for over 118 years, surviving two fires, the first in 1858 destroying the original building, before being rebuilt in 1925.

In 1959 the hotel was extensively refurbished  by Dominion Breweries and renamed Hotel DeBrett. This was seen as a turning point for New Zealand’s tourism industry.

The hotel was given another make over in 1984 by its new operators, Don Fletcher and Maurice Crosby and their inspired team of free thinking operators. Through the mid eighties it was the premier meeting point for Aucklanders, from a wide cross section of the business and arts communities, presenting several choices of bars and restaurants.

Throughout its history, the  House Bar has been the soul of the hotel. Many Aucklanders hold fond memories of Hotel DeBrett’s famous House Bar. Come and create your own.

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